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Overview of this Website

The main aim of the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation website is to disseminate the information gathered as part of the Project. The site currently contains:


Abstracts and information about the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Conference held at the Chinese Museum (Museum of Chinese Australian History), 1-2 July 2000 which brought together scholars from Australia, New Zealand and China.


An online version of the highly acclaimed travelling exhibition 'A Chinese Reformer at the Birth of a Nation: Liang Qichao and the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation' which has travelled to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore. It is currently on exhibit in Melbourne.


This page brings together a range of resources for researching Chinese Australian history. These include indexes, databases and downloadable research guides and digitised historical documents. Some such as those listed below were developed as part of the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project.

A 'Chinese Australian History Resources Database' which draws together a range of resources useful for the study of Chinese Australian history. These include: publications; government records; guides to Chinese Australian records; databases; image and oral history collections; Chinese Australian newspapers; personal, organisation and business records; theses; and video material.

'Chinese Australians: A Guide to Holdings in the Mitchell Library' is based on material collected from the card indexes and index folders held in the Mitchell Library in Sydney.

Chinese Australians: A Guide to Holdings in the NSW Office of the National Archives of Australia pulls together Commonwealth Government records from 1901 to date related to the Chinese in Australia and includes examples of individual items held in each series.

Tung Wah

An index to the Tung Wah newspaper (1898-1936), one of the most important Australian Chinese newspaper published in Australia.


A collection of stories which reveal the lives of Chinese Australians at the time of Federation a century ago.


Web links to organisations with important collections of Chinese Australian material as well as links to university departments and schools with expertise in Chinese Australian History, and links to other Federation websites.


Iintroduces the history of the Chinese in Australia, provides a range of lesson plans for History and SOSE teachers as well as a range of resources to assist teachers develop their own classes.