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Chinese Australia

Chinese Australians: A Guide to Holdings in the Mitchell Library

This guide was compiled by Paul Jones and Terri McCormack as part of the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project. It draws on the card indexes and index folders held in the Mitchell Library. The Mitchell Library collects and preserves materials concerning all aspects of Australian life. It is part of the State Library of New South Wales, Sydney. The Guide also includes materials from the Dixson Library collection, which is housed in the Mitchell Library complex.

The references and their descriptions that comprise this guide have not been systematically recorded on the Mitchell's computerised catalogues. Some items in the guide are registered on these catalogues. They were included in order to illustrate the breadth and richness of the materials available to the researcher. A search of the computerised catalogue will reveal other materials concerning Chinese Australians, recorded since the State Library ceased adding to the manual card indexes. It should be noted that the Mitchell Library's collection activity extends Australia-wide. The record of Chinese Australian affairs extends well beyond the borders of New South Wales.

The Guide can be accessed in a number of ways: