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Indentured Chinese Labourers and Employers Identified, New South Wales, 1828-1856

Developed by Maxine Darnell

This table is by no means an exhaustive list of the indentured Chinese labourers brought to the colony of New South Wales prior to the gold-rush. The names provided are only those Chinese who were recorded in various newspaper, official and archival sources and may contain some labourers listed twice under slightly different names and in some cases labourers were not named, only the number of labourers employed were found. As nearly 3000 indentured Chinese labourers were imported into the colony over the period 1847-53 there is still a substantial proportion of labourers who continue to be unknown and unnamed. This table started as a way of attempting to collate some of the labourers "discovered" while I was undertaking research for my doctoral thesis and after a while as the names and information on their time in the colony continued to increase the table assumed a life of its own. This "life" has been extremely useful as a tool for further research into the movements of the labourers while under contract and at the conclusion of their contract and also on a family history level. I would be most grateful that anybody reading this table who can provide any further information on any of the labourers listed would contact me with the information, no matter how slight, so that it can be incorporated into the table.

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Maxine Darnell
School of Economics
University of New England
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