Asian Studies Program

Chinese Australia


Many people have been involved in the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation project in Australia, China and elsewhere. Some have assisted with the organisation of the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation conference and the Liang Qichao travelling exhibition. Others have helped to identify, collect and translate material related to the history of the Chinese in Australia. Below is a list of the people who have been directly involved in the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation project. In addition to these people we would also like to acknowledge the important contributions of the many people and organisations who contributed indirectly to the Project. These people are too numerous to name individually but include librarians, archivists, curators, academics, genealogists, and researchers at institutions across Australia and China.

The project would like to warmly acknowledge the support of:


Kate Bagnall
Professor Cai Shaoqing
Helene Chung-Martin
Sophie Couchman
Professor John Fitzgerald
Dr Peter Friedlander
Professor Huang Yuanshen
Joan Jack
Dr Paul Jones
Professor Kee Poo Kong

Tracy Lee
Maurice Leong
Dr Liu Luxin
Paul Macgregor
Jon Metcalf

Dr Michael Milne
Terri McCormack
Professor Qu Weiguo
Rao Shuyang
Michael Williams
Wu Baokang
Wu Jianming
Yang Taiwei
Zhou Deming
volunteers at the Museum of Chinese Australian History