${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Monitoring change in aquatic invertebrate biodiversity : sample size, faunal elements and analytical methods. Thu 10 Dec 2015 10:25:20 EST ]]> The effects of salinity on aquatic plant germination and zooplankton hatching from two wetland sediments. Thu 10 Dec 2015 09:46:30 EST ]]> Monitoring aquatic invertebrates and waterbirds at Toolibin and Walbyring Lakes in the Western Australian wheatbelt. Thu 10 Dec 2015 09:11:46 EST ]]> The effects of increasing salinity on ecosystem function, resilience and diversity. Thu 10 Dec 2015 08:45:00 EST ]]> Cellular osmotica of plants in relation to sediment nitrogen and salt content in mangroves and saltmarshes at Western Port, Victoria. Thu 10 Dec 2015 08:24:59 EST ]]> The impact of salinity pulses on the emergence of plant and zooplankton from wetland seed and egg banks. Thu 10 Dec 2015 08:23:57 EST ]]> Resting egg banks can facilitate recovery of zooplankton Resting egg banks can facilitate recovery of zooplankton communities after extended exposure to saline conditions. Thu 10 Dec 2015 08:02:17 EST ]]> Acidification, salinization and fish kills at an inland wetland in south-eastern Australia following partial drying. Thu 10 Dec 2015 05:33:13 EST ]]> Aquatic invertebrates of Lake Gregory, northwestern Australia, in relation to salinity and ionic composition. Thu 10 Dec 2015 04:57:57 EST ]]>