${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 L(+)-lactate does not affect twitch and tetanic responses in mechanically skinned mammalian muscle fibres. Wed 09 Dec 2015 18:20:07 EST ]]> Effects of a domain peptide of the ryanodine receptor on Ca2+ release in skinned skeletal muscle fibres Wed 09 Dec 2015 18:13:39 EST ]]> 'Current' advances in mechanically skinned skeletal muscle fibres Wed 09 Dec 2015 17:13:03 EST ]]> Twitch and tetanic force responses and longitudinal propagation of action potentials in skinned skeletal muscle fibres of the rat. Wed 09 Dec 2015 16:26:52 EST ]]> Changes in cardiac troponins with gestational age explain changes in cardiac muscle contractility in the sheep fetus. Thu 10 Mar 2016 10:22:21 EST ]]> Contractile and Ca 2+ -handling properties of the right ventricular papillary muscle in the late gestation sheep fetus. Thu 10 Dec 2015 02:24:13 EST ]]> Comparison of the effects of inorganic phosphate on caffeine-induced Ca2+ release in fast- and slow-twitch mammalian skeletal muscle. Thu 10 Dec 2015 01:39:24 EST ]]>