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Self-submission of research outputs (for La Trobe University researchers)

La Trobe University encourages its researchers to submit all versions of their published research papers that they have available (especially the "accepted manuscript") for inclusion in La Trobe's institutional repository, Research Online. Please use the form below, or alternatively email the repository group with the files attached and information about the item.

If you have any associated research data with the publication, please attach the files below (or email the repository group) and include a very short description of each file (eg. Excel Spreadsheet, Access Database, etc). They will follow up with you about making the research data available later on.

UPLOADING FILE(S), PUBLICATIONS, ETC. -- Please follow these steps

1. Enter a short description of the file (e.g. "Accepted manuscript", or "Conference paper")
2. Browse to select your file
3. the file to the submission system

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