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Pali Canon Online Database

News: March 18 2008
This database has moved to
This is a database version of the Pali Canon (in Pali) based on the digitised text prepared by the Sri Lanka Tripitaka Project. The advantage of using this version of the Pali canon is that it makes it easy to search for individual words across all 20,946 pages at once and view the contexts in which they appear.

This database has been produced from the files available on the Journal of Buddhist Ethics website. More information about the SLTP and the Pali canon is available on the Journal of Buddhist Ethics website where you can also find versions of the files to download and details about the work that has gone into producing the digital versions of the texts.

Proof Reading
It should be noted that the text is not fully proofed. If you wish to check readings you should check against the Pali Text Society print version and the Burmese Version available in digital format from the Vipassana Research Institute.

Technical Note
The data is in unicode (utf-8) encoding and you will need a suitable unicode font to be able view the files correctly. If you have a unicode font installed on your computer the following characters should appear with diacritics ā ī ū ṛ ḥ ṃ ṇ ñ ṭ ḍ ḷ ṣ ś ṅ Ā. If you cannot see the characters correctly you can download the Indic Times font from the JBE website, and then install it, like any other font, on your computer.

Usage Condititions
The use of the data in these database is subject to the condition that it is understood that its contents are in the public domain and shall remain in the public domain. La Trobe University acknowledges the permission of the Journal of Buddhist Ethics and the Sri Lanka Tipitaka Project to host this database version of the Pali Canon.

Update Log
May 12, 2006: all works now uploaded.
May 11, 2006: advanced search feature added.
May 3, 2006: initial version of database of canonical texts only made available on web.


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