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Oriental Field Sports, Thomas Williamson, London: 1808



oriental field sports fronticepiece

This is an important work on the wild animals of India and forms a significant link in the development of travel guide literature to South Asia. It was quite possibly the first extensive guide to hunting in India written by an Englishman. It is also a rare work and no copy of it exists in any Australian library as far as I can determine.

It includes forty beautiful plates, and two fronticepieces, which are presented here separately from the text of the book itself. The decision to present them separately was made because they are not paginated in with the text of the book and are arranged so as to face the page numbers mentioned after each plate title.The plates are also found as a separate series of coloured prints.

Bibliographic Details

Author: Captain Thomas Williamson
Title: Oriental Field Sports
Place: London
Publisher: Edward Orme
Date: 1808
Volume 1: xv+321 and 21 plates, Volume 2: iv+255 and 21 plates

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