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Frequently Asked Questions


Some Frequently asked Questions and our Responses.

Who uses this site ?

Answer: We don't keep any records of individual connections to the site that directly identify individuals with their use of the site, but we do keep records of how many pages are viewed on the site and what people search for in it. If you would like to know more about usage of the site during its first year in operation click here.First Annual Report. You might also like to read the latest report on the usage of the first two and half years of usage of this site, Second Report.

Can I download a version of a whole document in PDF format from this site?

Answer: No, we are not making available whole documents in any format, pdf or otherwise, for download. There are two main reasons for this. First, it is partly because we did not plan for this originally and do not have the facility to provide the documents in this form. Second, it is also because with some of the documents we do not have permission to distribute them in that form, only to make them available on the World Wide Web.

How can I digitise documents for the Web?

Answer: You might like to read an account of the process by which we digitise documents for this project which will give you an idea of the issues involved in digitising documents for the web. Read more about how to Digitise Documents

Are there any articles on this site about Anglo-Indians in the 19th century Census of India?

Yes you can read a paper about information about Anglo-Indians in the census of India which was written by Peter Friedlander after reading the 1871 and 1891 census reports, called Religion, Race, Language and the the Anglo-Indians. (pdf format, about 130 kb)

Can you help me find out details about my father / grandfather / ancestor who lived in India?

Answer: Not really, we don't have any lists of names of Europeans who lived in India or anything like that. But a great place to start looking is at Cathy Day's site at this url


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