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The Digital Colonial Documents Project (India) is intended to promote study of the rare seminal documents which were influential in the formation of the notions of nation, state and culture during the colonial period. The project makes available rare colonial documents as searchable internet documents:

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1 Report on the 1871 Census of India
2 Report on the 1881 Census of India
3 Report on the 1881 Census of India, Volume II: statistics
4 Report on the 1881 Census of India, Volume III: extracts
5 Report on the 1891 Census of India
6 Report on the 1901 Census of India
7 Murray's 1859 Guide to Madras Presidency
8 Murray's 1859 Guide to Bombay Presidency
9 The 1883 Hunter Report on Indian Education
10 Williamson's 1810 East India Vade Mecum vol 1.
11 Williamson's 1810 East India Vade Mecum vol 2.
12 Wise's 1883 Notes on the Races, Castes and Tribes of East Bengal
13 Extracts (ca. 1902-06) from the Journal "Indian Education"
14 Stocquelers 1841 Handbook for India and Egypt
15 Mill's 1817 history Vol. I.
16 Mill's 1817 History Vol. II.
17 Mill's 1817 History Vol. III.
18 John Gilchrist's 1825 East India Vade Mecum.
19 Keene's 1896 Guide to Varanasi
20 Captain Thomas Williamson's 1808 Oriental Field Sports, Ilustrations (40 half tone plates)

This project is a joint project of La Trobe University, Curtin University, The University of New England and the University of Sydney. It is supported by funding from the Australian Research Council.

Currently all of the documents in the links on the left are available to browse or search. We are also still working on issues to do with images in some of the documents and further documents which we hope to add to the project website.

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