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Christianity and the Chinese in 19th and early 20th Century Australia

This website, published by the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation, brings together information compiled by Ian Welch as part of a lifetime's interest in Christianity and the Chinese. Ian has gathered together an extensive range of primary source information as part of his research which is being progressively added to this site.

The site currently includes a reference list of primary and secondary material, a listing of Chinese Christian missions and missionaries in Australia and New Zealand, a compilation of baptisms of Chinese individuals in Victoria and some selected Chinese marriage and death records.

Ian has a particular interest in Cheok Hong Cheong, who was the focus of his Masters and then Doctoral theses. A brief precis of Cheong's life is currently available on the site. This precis will accompany a searchable database currently in preparation of all known correspondence and writings of Cheong.

Also in preparation are copies of testimonies of a number of Chinese Christian converts, and copies of the reports of missions on their attempts at the evangelisation of the Chinese in Australia.

Christianity and Chinese in 19th and early 20th century Australia

1. About the compiler

2. About Cheok Hong CHEONG (1851-1928)

3. Christian Missions to the Chinese in Australia and New Zealand, 1855 - c1900
A list of Chinese missionaries and locations

5. Chinese Christian Baptisms in Victoria, 1855-1915 (with some marriages and deaths information)

6. Chinese Australian Exservicemen Database

7. Reference Materials
A list of reference materials for the study of the Chinese in the West Pacific-Oceania region together with other references to Chinese history and culture and the nineteenth century evangelical missionary movement.


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