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SATURDAY 1st July 2000

8.00am - 8.45am Registration

8.45am - 10.15am SESSION 1 - OPENING PLENARY

Hosted by Helene Chung Martin

Introduction & Welcome

Senator Tsebin Tchen, Liberal Senator for Victoria

Opening keynote address

Professor John Hirst, La Trobe University

Keynote address -
Australian Federation and the exclusion of the Chinese

10.15am - 10.30am - Morning Tea 1

10.30am - 11.45am (Session 2a) 10.30am - 11.45am (Session 2b)

Celebrating Federation: Who & Why?

Material Memories: Preserving & Interpreting Chinese Australian Artefacts

Maurice Leong, See Yup Society, Melbourne
Role of the See Yup Society in Melbourne and Victoria Abstract, Paper

Manual Tsiatsias, La Trobe University
A Celestial parade: The Chinese celebration of Australian nationhood, May 1901Abstract

Raph Beh, Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo
Chinese of Bendigo and the power of procession Abstract

Basil Dewhurst, Australian Museums On-Line and Doris Y.C. Jones, independent scholar, NSW
Stories across a State: Golden Threads Project, NSW Abstract

John Tully, Goldfields Historical Society, Victoria
The tragic autobiograhy of a Chinese miner on the central Victorian goldfields Abstract

Cheryle Yin-lo, Museums and Galleries Foundation of NSW
Sharing Chinese heritage and developing Chinese audiences for Australian museums Abstract

11.45am - 12.00noon - Morning Tea 2

12.00noon - 1.15pm (Session 3a) 12.00noon - 1.15pm (Session 3b)
Reforming China, Informing Australia (1) Chinese Arts and Federation Australia

Dr Gloria Davies, Monash University
Liang Qichao in Australia at Federation: A sojourn between political defeat and intellectual productivity Abstract

Professor John Fitzgerald, La Trobe University
Liang's Australian writings Abstract

Professor Cai Shaoqing, Nanjing University, PR China
On Chinese secret societies in Australia Abstract

Amanda Jean, architect and heritage consultant
Australian Federation architecture in the 'Chinese taste' Abstract

Frank Bren, independent scholar, Melbourne
Phantom Pacific: Chinese movies in Australia Abstract

Zheng-Ting Wang, University of Melbourne
Cultures in transition? Music and Australia's Chinese communities in the early 20th century Abstract

1.15pm - 2.15pm - Lunch

2.15pm - 3.30pm (Session 4a) 2.15pm - 3.30pm (Session 4b)
Reforming China, Informing Australia (2) Pathways between Australia & China (1): Death & the Spirit World

Hou Minyue, East China Normal University/La Trobe University
Australia-China relations in the late Imperial Period Abstract

Maureen Rustichelli, Monash University
Edward Selby Little: Australia's Trade Commissioner and the Chinese Republic Abstract

Xing Jianrong, Shanghai Archives Bureau, PR China
W.H. Donald: Australian journalist and advisor to China Abstract

Dr Kok Hu Jin, University of Sydney
Beechworth temple summary Abstract

Doris Y.C. Jones, Independent scholar
Where did they go once they left the Australian shore? Abstract

Elizabeth Teather, University of New England
So you want to return to China after you die Abstract

3.30pm - 3.45pm - Afternoon Tea

3.45pm - 5.00pm (Session 5a) 3.45pm - 5.00pm (Session 5b)
Federation's Boundaries: Race, Class, Culture & Identity Pathways between Australia & China (2): The Documentary Legacy

Dr Regina Ganter, Griffith University
Mixed relations: Chinese Aboriginal interaction 1890s-1930s Abstract

Dr Julia Martinez, Wollongong University
The construction of Chinese class in early 20th century Australia Abstract

Kate Bagnall, University of Sydney
'He would be Chinese still': Negotiating boundaries of race, culture and identity in the late 19th century Abstract

Michael Williams, University of Hong Kong
Documentary legacy of the first Federal parliament Abstract

Dr Luxin Liu, La Trobe University
The Tung Wah Times: A window into Chinese community history Abstract

Faye M. Young, Fox-Young Consultancy, NSW
Tapping into sources for researching the history of Chinese communities in Australia 1880-1920 Abstract

5.15pm - 6.15pm


Hosted by Helene Chung Martin

  • Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Website
  • Chinese Australians: A guide to the Mitchell Library Holdings
  • Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo, Vic: Recent Developments
  • Reminiscences by Jong Ah Siug: An Autobiography of a Chinese Miner of the Central Victorian Goldfields

SUNDAY 2nd July 2000

9.00am - 10.15am (Session 6a) 9.00am - 10.15am (Session 6b)
Creating 'White' Australasia From Goldrush to Federation: Marginalisation or Inclusion? (1)

Associate Professor Andrew Markus, Monash University
The impact of the White Australia policy on Chinese communities: 1901-1939 Abstract

Kim Rubenstein, University of Melbourne
The influence of Chinese immigration on Australian citizenship Abstract

Philip Ferguson, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
'Arrested development': The historiography of 'white' New Zealand Abstract

Dr Pauline Rule, Board of Studies, Victoria
The Chinese camps in Colonial Victoria: Their role as contact zones Abstract

Vivienne McWaters, independent scholar, Beechworth, Victoria
Poor John Abstract

Rod Lancashire, independent scholar, Albury, New South Wales
A pre-Federation Chinese community in Wahgunyah, north-eastern Victoria Abstract

10.15am - 10.30am - Morning Tea 1

10.30am - 11.45am (Session 7a) 10.30am - 11.45am (Session 7b)
Communicating with White Australia From Goldrush to Federation: Marginalisation or Inclusion? (2)

Shen Yuan-fang, Australian National University
Australia through Chinese eyes - The Chinese perception of Australia at Federation Abstract

Carol Holsworth, independent scholar, Bendigo
Advertisements - A peep at the past Abstract

Professor Wu Qianlong, Zhongshan University, PR China
Communication problems of Chinese immigrants in Australia during and after the goldrush Abstract

Jerome Small, independent scholar, Melbourne
Unions and anti-Chinese agitation on the Victorian goldfields Abstract

Barbara Cooper-Ainsworth, independent scholar, Melbourne
The Chinese community in Ballarat in the late19th century Abstract

Robert Hess, Victoria University of Technology
'A death blow to the white Australia policy': Australian rules football and the Chinese community in Victoria, 1892-1908 Abstract

11.45am - 12.00noon - Morning Tea 2

12.00noon - 1.15pm (Session 8a) 12.00noon - 1.15pm (Session 8b)
Political Actors after Federation Federation Communities: Merchants, Workers & Women

Toylaan Ah Ket, independent scholar, Sydney
William Ah Ket - Reconciling occident and orient in Australia during the early years of Federation Abstract

Dr Paul Jones, RMIT
What happened to the Chinese between the World Wars? Abstract

Dr Drew Cottle, University of Western Sydney, Macarthur
Unbroken commitment: Fred Wong, China, Australia and a world to win Abstract

Michael Brumby, independent scholar, Charters Towers, Queensland
Doctor William Lam Pan and the Chinese legacy of the Charters Towers goldfield Abstract

Sophie Couchman, independent scholar, Melbourne
Selected women in Melbourne's Chinatown 1900-1920 Abstract

Allan O'Neil, independent scholar, Australian Capital Territory
Chinese merchants and workers in the Northern Territory Abstract

1.15pm - 2.15pm - Lunch

2.15pm - 3.30pm (Session 9a) 2.15pm - 3.30pm (Session 9b)
Transformations in Australia: Chinese Religion & Medicine Post-Federation: Reuniting Family, Clan & Village

Denise Austin, University of Queensland
Citizens of heaven: The contribution of Chinese Christians towards Australian Federation Abstract

Paul Macgregor, Museum of Chinese Australian History
Christianity, modernism and nationalism in Melbourne's Chinese community, 1890s - 1920s Abstract

Rey Tiquia, University of Melbourne
'Bottling' an Australia medical tradition: Traditional Chinese medicine in Australia circa 1911 Abstract

Helene Chung Martin, Monash Asia Institute
One village - two names: A Tasmanian Chinese on a wild dragon chase Abstract

Valerie Lee Rubie, independent scholar, New South Wales
Lee Hang Gong/Sarah Bowman family history research: A progress report Abstract

Kevin Wong Hoy, independent scholar, Melbourne
A letter from China: The Chan brothers of Long Gong village, Zhongshan Abstract

3.30pm - 3.45pm - Afternoon Tea

3.45pm - 5.00pm (Session 10a)


Henry D. Min-hsi Chan, University of New South Wales
From 'John Chinamen' to 'mild colonial boys': Chinese Australians from Federation and the challenge for 'imaginary Australians' in the 21st century Abstract


Inaugural meeting of the Chinese Family and Qiaoxiang History Group (Melbourne)