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Useful Teaching Resources

This pages provides ideas and support materials to assist teachers develop their own lesson plans and webquests. You will also find a wealth of content material for use on the wider Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation website. About the Chinese provides an introduction to that information.

Studies of Asia curriculum emphases
Summary of curriculum emphases outlined in Studies of Asia: A Statement for Australian Schools, 2nd ed., Carlton, Vic : Curriculum Corporation, 2000, pp.13-14.

This website provides electronic services for those interested in teaching the studies of Asia in schools, including:
- an email-based discussion group of over 1,000 teachers,
- an annotated directory of links to quality websites related to the studies of Asia, and
- tutorial to assist you use use online materials in the classroom or generally use the internet.

Access Asia
This website can direct you to print and electronic resources to help with the development of curriculum on the studies of Asia. A full list of Access Asia curriculum materials is available.

Asia Education Foundation
The AEF is a national organisation which promotes the studies of Asia in Australian schools. It is a foundation of The Asialink Centre at The University of Melbourne and Curriculum Corporation funded by the Department of Education, Science and Training.

AEF Access Asia Advisors
List of Asia Education Foundation Advisors who have responsibility for the Access Asia Program in their state/territory.

Social Educators Association of Australia

History Teachers Association of Victoria

Australian State/Territory education jurisdiction websites
Directory of Australian State/Territory education jurisdiction websites.