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About the Chinese in Australia

This page is designed to provide people with little or no knowledge of Chinese involvement in Australia's history with an introduction to this fascinating area of Australia's history. It also introduces some resources to assist explore this area further.

brief history of the Chinese in Australia
This history also introduces information and resources available on the rest of the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation website.

links to other useful websites related to Chinese Australian studies
Of particular interest is the Harvest of Endurance Scroll which provides a more detailed history of the Chinese in Australia than above. Further useful links can be found in the Links database.

additional reading
Selected reading on the history of the Chinese in different parts of Australia. Further useful reading can be found in the Chinese Australian History Resources Database.

historical backgrounds
These are a collection of short background pieces on elements of Australia's Chinese heritage. These histories are used to provide contextual information to the 'stories' and 'digitised historical documents' on the website. They are also used in a number of the lesson plans.

Chinese names
A brief discussion of why a Chinese individual may have a number of names or have their name spelt differently.