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The Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project (CHAF) is interested in your feedback. Maybe you have some materials such as databases or indexes that you would like to place on the website. Maybe you have a website you would like our site to link to. Or maybe you are simply having trouble accessing parts of the site.

You can contact Sophie Couchman at the CHAF project by email ( or phone (61+ 3 9479 3596). Or leave a message in our guestbook.

Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation Project Partners

Asian Studies
La Trobe University, VIC 3086
Phone: 61+ 3 9479 1315
Fax: 61+ 3 9479 1880

Chinese Museum
(Museum of Chinese Australian History)
22 Cohen Place
Melbourne, VIC 3000
Phone: 61+ 3 9662 2888
Fax: 61+ 9663 2693
Shanghai East Normal University
North Zhongshan Road 3663
Shanghai 200062
PR China

If you are interested in Chinese Australian genealogy area you may be interested in contacting one of the following Chinese Australian family history groups:

- Chinese-Australian Historical Association Inc (CHA) based in Brisbane, Queensland
- Chinese Heritage in Northern Australia (CHINA Inc) based in Cairns, Queensland
- Chinese Australian Family Historians of Victoria (CAFHOV) based in Melbourne, Victoria
- Chinese Australian Historical Society Inc based in Sydney, New South Wales
- Chinese Heritage Association of Australia Inc based in Sydney, New South Wales