Asian Studies Program

Chinese Australia

Burial Records: Ballarat Old Cemetery

This database of grave usage has been made using:

  1. Current cemetery computer listings
  2. Original burial registers.

These records are stored at the Ballarat New Cemetery.

Database contains:

  • Gravestone number
  • Name in cemetery records
  • Burial register number
  • Gravestone number if any correlation is indicated.
  • Age at death. (Note that in many cases this appears to have been guessed, as shown by the abnormal high incidence of numbers such as thirty and forty.)
  • Date of burial
  • Place of residence.
  • Occupation.
  • Cause of death, if available.
  • Notes: Remit means the grave was not paid for. This normally means a gravestone is not permitted to be erected.

The map above has been included to assist locate gravestones. Note the numbering on map is only based on the graves indicated on the records. Therefore the highest numbered grave listed was number 27 except in the borders, so the illustration has been drawn accordingly. As far as we know no original maps of the areas exist.

There are many deaths listed as 'Location Not Known' and many of these must lie in the now unnamed Sections 1-8. There are six burials listed in these sections on the register, as if, as in the case of the New Cemetery , odd burials have taken place in old ground after a body has been exhumed.

The cemetery register however does not list the locations of early burials, and' the day sheets or burial records, invaluable for verification in the new cemetery , have been lost from before 1863. All that is left to us is supposition.

There are several burial records of Chinese in non Chinese sections, only one of these corresponding to a gravestone. The four other Chinese gravestones in the European sections must also correlate with the Chinese buried as Location Not Known.