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Gravestone Transcriptions and Translations: Ballarat New Cemetery

Ballarat New Cemetery Transcriptions of Gravestones (under development)  - Accompanying Map

This is a listing of the gravestones of the Ballarat New Cemetery as they stood in 1988. Since that time there has been deterioration, and some listed gravestones are no longer in place.

Looking North along Row 1 of the New Cemetery. Photo: Linda Brumley.

Each gravestone has been numbered with the number linking to the map. Because of the wish to reproduce the map, the scale of the map has been reduced to the point where measurements can only be taken as approximate. The original map is stored with the Cemetery administration.

Rows of gravestones are recorded in alternate North-South, South-North order, to facilitate a continuous walk along the long rows while reading translations.

Correlations have been made for many gravestones with the accompanying burial records (listed from page 52). In the case of probable correlation, the reference of the grave number for the appropriate row is given. When the gravestone is centred over a grave for which there is no clear correlation, or, as is sometimes the case, there is a reason the gravestone could not match the burial record (as in the case where the gravestone is over a grave of a burial marked 'remit,' meaning the grave has not been paid for) the grave number is given with an asterisk.

In some of the older rows the correlation was so uncertain that we have not attempted it.

The lack of clear correlation points to disturbance of gravestones. If a gravestone is dislodged or broken through vandalism or weathering, the cemetery administration has attempted to ensure the gravestone is replaced where it belongs. However, over many years and with the inability of the administration to gain any information from the gravestone itself, mistakes may well have been made.

Dates on the gravestones refer to dates of death. Dates on the matching burial records are burial dates. Months on gravestones are usually according to the Chinese calendar and are thus slightly different from cemetery records. Chinese New Year is later than European New Year.