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Burial Records: Ballarat New Cemetery

This database of grave usage has been made using:

  1. Current cemetery computer listings
  2. Three existing partial maps
  3. Original burial records and registers

These records are stored at the Ballarat New Cemetery.

Database contains:

  • Gravestone number
  • Name in cemetery records
  • Burial register number
  • Gravestone number if any correlation is indicated. (Gravestone number is given with an asterisk if the gravestone on the particular grave does not appear to correlate with the record of grave use.)
  • Age at death. (Note that in many cases this appears to have been guessed, as shown by the abnormal high incidence of numbers such as thirty and forty.)
  • Date of burial
  • Place of residence.
  • Occupation.
  • Cause of death, if available. (This has not been recorded for those aged over seventy after the turn of the century unless readily available.)
  • Notes: Under notes are listed discrepancies with computer listings and original records and uncertainties of location. 'Remit' indicated that the grave was not paid for. This normally means that a gravestone was not permitted to be erected.

Part of the redrawn map of grave use (see above) has been included to illustrate the numbering system. As the original boundary was moved, so burials are numbered from number 1 near the South boundary going North, and then from 01 going south from the same point.

Rows run from 18 (Western Limit) to row 1, then lA to 4A (Eastern Limit). The old maps indicate the presence of rows 5A-13A. This does not fit the physical siting of the cemetery; these graves would have had to have been dug in unsuitable boggy ground at the foot of the hill. The graves listed as being in these rows were found to be at the Northern ends of other rows.