Asian Studies Program

Chinese Australia


This publication would not have been possible without the assistance of many people. First, we wish to thank the editors of the series, Patricia Grimshaw and Alan Mayne, of the History Department of the University of Melbourne, and John Fitzgerald of La Trobe University , for help in preparing and publishing the manuscript. We are also indebted to Jim Quinn of Ballarat University College for helpful advice, constructive criticism and much practical assistance, and to Tom Fisher of La Trobe University for assistance with translating the dates recorded on the graves. Warren Shears, Administrator of Ballarat's cemeteries, and his staff provided office space and much-needed help, encouragement and support. A special thanks is due to the ground staff of the cemeteries whose cheerful good humour and practical assistance were greatly appreciated.

Kevin Howell, of the School of Mines and Industries at Ballarat, assisted in preparing and printing the maps, and Graeme Horley of Ballarat University College helped with graphics and cover design. Robyn Pierce, also of Ballarat University College, assisted in mapping the Old Cemetery .To them we express our deepest appreciation.

We are also grateful to Nevill Fraser of the Ballarat Public Records Office and to Beth Hortin for help with retrieving inquest files and hospital records, and to Jo Walter and the administration of the Queen Elizabeth Geriatric Centre in Ballarat and to the administrative staff of the Ballarat Base Hospital and the Ballarat Genealogical Society for their unfailing assistance.

Cheng Ming, a teacher from the Secondary Teachers' College attached to Nanjing Teachers' University who visited Victoria under the International Teaching Fellowship program, assisted in translating the last of the gravestones. John Wei Sun prepared the calligraphy for the cover and for the dating reference material. To them, too, we owe a debt of thanks. Finally, we wish to thank Mandy for secretarial assistance and David, Anne and Evan for help with proof-reading and other tasks, as well as for helpful criticism and forebearance.


November 1992