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More List of groceries on which the NSW government has reduced taxes. 29JUN1898
More Acknowledgement from hospitals in Bendigo and Sydney for donations from Chinese and other communities. 29JUN1898
More Chinese government pays indemnity to the Japanese and British governments. 29JUN1898
More Rain alleviates drought in Sydney and Adelaide. 29JUN1898
More A Chinese arrested crossing VIC-NSW border on charge of tax evasion. 29JUN1898
More Price list of vegetables in Sydney market. 29JUN1898
More Price list of vegetables in Melbourne market. 29JUN1898
More China proposes to set up Ministry of Commerce to deal with international trade. 02JUL1898
More Rice shop in Zengcheng, Guangdong, robbed. 02JUL1898
More Current situation, Luzon, Philippines 02JUL1898
More Silkworm breeding, silk production, in Victoria, South Australia 02JUL1898
More German ambassador in Beijing requests to build a railway in China, from Tianjin to Pukou. 02JUL1898
More Chinese government proposes to set up Hong Kong - Shanghai Banking Corporation. 02JUL1898
More Russia, France and Germany will unite to hold back the entry of Britain into China. 02JUL1898
More Big pearl found in Africa and purchased by French businessman. 02JUL1898
More Chinese navy warship sinks in Eastern Sea. 02JUL1898
More Militiamen clash with local aboriginals in Luzon and cause losses. 02JUL1898
More Young bully in Xinhui county, Guangdong. 02JUL1898
More Japanese government to issue bonds to raise money for military purpose. 02JUL1898
More German troops destroy Confucius statue and temple in Jimo county, Shandong. 02JUL1898
More Many die in disease epidemic in Guangdong 02JUL1898
More Xiangshan county, Guangdong. Young man convinces sister-in-law to enter prostitution in brother's absence. 02JUL1898
More America, Germany, compete to build and own railway in Shandong 02JUL1898
More American government sells bonds for military purpose. 02JUL1898
More Germany, China, church incident in Shandong. Germany seeks compensation. 02JUL1898

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