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More Foreword to first issue written by editor 29JUN1898
More Russia sends three more gunboats to northeastern China and signs secret agreement with Japan. 29JUN1898
More Feud and recent clashes in Zengcheng, Guangdong, between Chen and Lei clans. 29JUN1898
More Charity institution in Dongguan, Guangdong, and its recent alms giving. 29JUN1898
More Bandit activities in Shandong and recent suppression by central government 29JUN1898
More Russian troops cross border river and enter Heilongjiang. 29JUN1898
More British newspaper warns that China is going to be carved up soon. 29JUN1898
More Comments from the newspaper editor on current Chinese situation and calling for overseas Chinese to save China. 29JUN1898
More Reconciliation achieved between Chen and Lei family clans in Zengcheng, Guangdong. 29JUN1898
More Mr Brown in Sydney sues the Crown for property damage and wins compensation. 29JUN1898
More Letter from overseas Chinese in Honolulu on life there. 29JUN1898
More Sydney company sends butter to London market but withdraws produce due to low price, 29JUN1898
More Tiger kills circus performer in Adelaide. 29JUN1898
More Editorial on advantages and disadvantages of limited company in business. 29JUN1898
More Ceremiony organised to celebrate the opening of the Bank of Guangdong 29JUN1898
More Rich girl in Panyu county marries poor boy and now leads a happy life. 29JUN1898
More Burglar in Sydney stole clothes from Mr Bao Chi's house but returned them after a few days. 29JUN1898
More Old fisherman in Guangzhou finds invaluable pearl in a suburban river. 29JUN1898
More American steamship company installs fans in ocean liners to make summer travel more comfortable for passangers. 29JUN1898
More Drought in Zengcheng, Guangdong, has reduced agricultural production dramatically. 29JUN1898
More Recent development in war between America and Spain. 29JUN1898
More Beautiful women selected as concubines for His Imperial Majesty in China. 29JUN1898
More A strange wedding ceremony recently held in US. 29JUN1898
More US Defence Secretary requests increase in military expenditure to win war against Spain. 29JUN1898
More Twin boys in Zengcheng claim they are real descendants of an ancient genius. 29JUN1898

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