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Chinese Australia

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On the Chinese Heritage of Australian Federation website you can find out more about...
Ah Mouy, Louis (1826-1918)
Cheong, Cheok Hong (1851-1928)
Chinese protests against discrimination at the turn of the century
Meng, Lowe Kong (1831-1888)
Origins of migration from China during the Qing
Taxes on Chinese Immigration to Australia, 1901 Immigration Restriction Act and the Dictation Test

On the Harvest of Endurance Scroll website you can find out more about...
Anti-Chinese violence
Attitudes to Chinese
Cheok Hong Cheong
Chinese miners
Federation and discrimination
Gold rush
Lowe Kong Meng and Louis Ah Mouy

On the Golden Threads website which examines the Chinese in Regional New South Wales you can find out more about...
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