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62 Chinese tribute to Resident (Chief Administrator) in Northern Territory in 1914

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Chinese residents present Mr Francis, the outgoing superintendant of the Northern Territory Railways with a banner and letter. They thank him for his consideration of the Chinese community and wish him and his family well in the future.

Source: ‘Chinese tribute to Mr Francis’, Northern Territory Times and Gazette , 25/6/1914

Region: Date From: 1914 To: 1914
Northern Territory    

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Chinese Tribute to Mr. Francis.

If proof is wanted of the respect and esteem in which the white population of the Northern Territory in general and Darwin in particular hold Mr. H.V. Francis, superintendent until recently of the Northern Territory Railways, that proof will be afforded on Friday evening next at the Town Hall, Darwin, when a valedictory smoke social is to be tendered him prior to his departure for Melbourne in the s.s. "St. Albands" ont he 30th instant.

The Chinese portion of the community, however, got in first, as they sometimes do, and have presented Mr. H.V. Francis with a most handsome silk embroidered table cover, together with an accompanying letter to the following effect:-

Darwin, 2nd June, 1914

H.V. Francis, Esp., Superintendent and Resident Engineer, Northern Territory Railways, Darwin.

Dear Sir, On the eve of your retirement from the service of the Northern Territory Railways, the Chinese community desire to ask your acceptance of this letter as a humble expression of thanks for the invariable courtesy you have at all times extended to the Chinese trading with and travelling upon your line, and as a token of appreciation of the entirely satisfactory manner in which you have catered for the interests of the general public and of the Chinese in particular during your term of office.

This community deeply regrets that your services will be no longer available here, but expresses the hope that your undoubted abilities may find scope in some larger field under conditions entirely congenial to yourself, to Mrs. Francis and your children.

To mark in some way the affection of your Chinese friends in the Northern Territory, your kind acceptance of the accompanying token is humbly requested.

With every good wish for your future happiness and for that of Mrs. Francis and family, We are, sir, on behalf of the Chinese community of the Northern Territory - Yet Loong, Chin Kim Kee, Wing Sang Tong, Fang Chong Loong, Wing Cheong Sing, Wing Wah Loong, Man Fong Iau, C. Yam Yan.