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54 Chinese residents welcome Mr Justice Herbert to Darwin, 1905

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A group of Chinese residents welcome Mr Justice Herbert, the new Government Resident of the Northern Territory in 1905.

Source: ‘Arrival of Mr Justice Herbert’, Northern Territory Times , 7/4/1905

Region: Date From: 1905 To: 1905
Northern Territory    

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The newly appoined Judge and government Resident of the Northern Territory, accompanied by Mrs. Herbert and other members of his family, were among the incoming passengers by the steamer Empire on Sunday afternoon last…

Below we publish the text of the addresses which were presented; also a brief outline of the speech made by His Honour in response…

Ah Foong, second eldest son of Quong Lee Cheong, next read an address from the Chinese community, as follows -


May it please your honor, -

We, being Chinese residents of the Northern Territory, take the earliest opportunity of congratulating your Honor on your appointment as Judge and Government Resident of this Territory and of welcoming your Honor and your Honor's family to Port Darwin. We sincerely trust your regime as Government Resident may be attended by prosperity, and express our confidence that your administration of justice will be marked with wisdom and integrity. We assure your Honor that you have the good wishes of us all, and, as loyal subjects of His Majesty the King, or as inhabitants, you may count on our humble aid in all things affecting the wellbeing of this settlement. On behalf of the Chinese residents,

We are,
Your Honor's most humble Servants.

C. Yam Yan & Co.
Sun Kwong Sing.
Fong Cheong Loong.
Quong Lee Cheong
Wing Ket Cheong
Yuen Bew Kee
Chin Kim Kee
Kwong Sang Loong
Wing Cheong Sing
Wing Wah Loong
Kwong Tiy Loong
Hop Wah Cheong
Yee Cheong
Sing Kee
Kwong Hai
Ah Hoy

Yet Loong & Co
Man Fong Lau
Wing Sang Tong
Yet Pan Low
Sun Hop Lee
Sun Yee Lee
Fook On Tong
Wah Yuen
Kung Hing
Cheong Wo
Yot Sing
Wing Kee
Sun Hing Kee
Yot Loy
York Wo

Port Darwin, April 1905.