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1622 Description of Liang Qichao’s arrival in Melbourne in 1900

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Describes Liang Qichao departure from Sydney on 25 November 1900 and his arrival and reception in Melbourne. The text for this document is a precis of the original Chinese article published in the Tung Wah newspaper.

Source: Record of Mr Liang Qichao’s trip, Tung Wah News, 23 January, 1901 and 26 January, 1901

Region: Date From: 1900 To: 1901
Victoria - Melbourne    

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[Precis of original Chinese language articles]

January 23, 1901

Title: Record of Mr. Liang Qichao's Trip

Invited to Melbourne by his countrymen, Liang Qichao left Sydney on November 25 in the company of his comrades Bao Zhi, Luo Chang, Chen Shou and others. On the second day, the owner of Guangshenghe and his friends prepared a horse-drawn carriage and waited at the railway station for Liang's arrival. At 8:15 early in the morning, Mr. Liang reached Melbourne and was welcomed by a crowd of his comrades waving banners containing his picture here and there. Soon afterwards, Mr. Liang paid a special visit to Guangshenghe Shop, where he interviewed the owner and enjoyed some tea. Next, both the guest and the host went to a Western hotel for a party. After that they all went sightseeing and enjoyed the city scenery.

26 January 1901

Title: Continued Record on Liang Qichao's Trip

At night about 20 Chinese compatriots gathered together at the port and listened to Mr. Liang's speech. In his speech, Liang explained that his Australian tour was made in accordance with the Emperor's secret imperial edict seeking support from overseas. He also thanked those who donated their money and other items to support the imperial government.