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More 1240 Mei Quong Tart presents an address to the Duke of York 1901 1901
More 1241 Mei Quong Tart petitions the Viceroy of Canton and Pekin Government in Hong Kong 1889 1889
More 1243 Correspondence between Cheok Hong Cheong and the Premier of Victoria’s office regarding Chinese on board the ship Afghan. 1888 1888
More 1246 Chinese merchants in Sydney complain about the imposition of the old Aliens Restriction Act and the new Immigration Restriction Act, 1901 1901 1901
More 1247 Ping Nam, president of the Chinese Merchants’ Society, objects to idea of requiring all Chinese to carry passports 1909 1909
More 1248 Ping Nam responds to the government’s position on the Mrs Poon Gooey case 1911 1911
More 1249 Reverend W.J. Eddy, secretary of the Council of Churches for Victoria, supports Mrs Poon Gooey 1911 1911
More 1251 Cheok Hong Cheong’s letter to the editor of the Argus regarding the Factories and Shops Amendment Act, 1904 1904 1904
More 1252 Clarke, J.L., The Chinese Case Against the Chinese Employment Bill, Melbourne, 1907 1907 1907
More 1253 Shi Geen asks that all be treated equitably under the Factories and Shops Act, 1907 1907 1907
More 1256 Chinese demonstration in aid of Melbourne Hospital, 1900 1900 1900
More 1477 Chuck Meng’s certificate exempting him from the poll tax under the NSW 1881 Chinese Restriction Act 1862 1888
More 1576 Notes by Mr J. Dundas Crawford on Chinese immigration in Australian Colonies, 1877 1877 1877
More 1585 Note from General Edwards, commanding at Hong Kong, to Sir Henry Parkes 1890 1890
More 1586 Letter requesting permission to exhume bodies from the Sydney cemetery for removal to China, 1862 1862 1862
More 1588 Letter confiscated from an illegal immigrant when arrested 1914 1917
More 1589 Example of material held in the Boarding Branch Circulars detailing how the Dictation Test should be applied 1914 1931
More 1590 Philip Lee Chun’s explanation of the variations of his name on official documents 1915 1915
More 1617 Mr Way Lee’s letter to the editor in response to Mr Hopkins and the anti-Chinese movement in Adelaide 1888 1888
More 1621 Description of the 1901 Chinese federation procession held in Melbourne 1901 1901
More 1622 Description of Liang Qichao’s arrival in Melbourne in 1900 1900 1901
More 1623 Copy of letter from Quong Tart to Prime Minister Edmund Barton regarding the Immigration Restriction Act and NSW poll tax on Chinese 1902 1903
More 1626 Petition regarding Chinese immigration from Y.S.W. Way Lee, on behalf of the Chinese in South Australia to the South Australian parliament 1891 1891
More 1633 Immigration Restriction Act 1901 1901 1901
More 1634 Proposed amendment to the Factories and Shops Act, 1904 1904 1904