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More 54 Chinese residents welcome Mr Justice Herbert to Darwin, 1905 1905 1905
More 55 Chinese deaths on the way to the goldfields in 1892 1892 1892
More 56 Resident complains that Chinese are selling liquor without a license in Darwin, 1902 1902 1902
More 58 Chinese storekeepers in Darwin protest over accusations of opium trafficking, 1907 1907 1907
More 62 Chinese tribute to Resident (Chief Administrator) in Northern Territory in 1914 1914 1914
More 65 Chinese provide prizes for Returned Soldiers and Sailors Imperial League of Australasia picnic day races 1918 1918 1918
More 68 Peace Day procession in Darwin 1919 1919 1919
More 295 Papers presented by the Chinese community to the Conference on the Chinese Question in Sydney, June 1888. 1887 1888
More 309 Petition by Lowe Kong Meng, Cheok Hong Cheong, Louis Ah Mouy and 44 others presented to the Chinese Commissioners who in turn presented it to the Victorian premier 1888 1888
More 570 Letter to Water Police State from Sergeant John Donohoe regarding the 'Afghan', 1888 1881 1888
More 679 Government response to reports in ‘Sunday Times’ regarding the influx of illegal Chinese immigrants 1890 1969
More 683 File on Mei Quong Tart’s deputation on 29 December 1902 and letter to Prime Minister Edmund Barton relating to deputation 1902 1902
More 684 Applying the Dictation Test to coloured persons who intend to remain in the Commonwealth for a limited time only 1903 1903
More 686 Implications of dispensing with hand prints on some Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test (CEDT) forms 1914 1917
More 687 Investigation of how Certificate of Exemption from Dictation Test was being applied in Tasmania 1914 1915
More 690 Chinese stowaways on oil tankers with Chinese crews 1913 1913
More 846 Lowe Kong Meng, Cheok Hong Cheong, Louis Ah Mouy (eds), The Chinese Question In Australia, 1878-79, F. F. Bailliere, Melbourne, 1879. 1840 1879
More 1138 Quong Tart, A Plea for the Abolition of the Importation of Opium, Sydney, John Sands & Co., 1887. 1884 1887
More 1232 Report on the visit of the Chinese Commissioners to Australia, 1887 1887 1887
More 1234 Dr George On Lee on behalf of the Chinese residents of Sydney writes to ensure the Chinese Commissioners receive an appropriate reception on arrival to Australia in 1887 1887 1887
More 1235 Australian response to the Chinese Commissioners visit to Australia in 1887 1887 1887
More 1236 Report on the visit of the Chinese Commissioners to Australia in 1887 based on material published in the Chinese Times. 1888 1888
More 1237 Report in the London Times on the Chinese Commissioners visit to Australian and Southeast Asian colonies in 1887 1888 1888
More 1238 Australian Chinese petition to the British government 1888 1888
More 1239 Argus report on the Chinese procession at the opening of the first Federal Parliament 1901 1901

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