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1585 Note from General Edwards, commanding at Hong Kong, to Sir Henry Parkes

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General Edwards suggests to Sir Henry Parkes that showing Australians China's military strength might help his campaign to Federate Australia. Australians from the 1880s had fears that China might invade Australia.

Source: NSW State Archives, Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence, Admiral Ting and the Chinese Imperial Squadron, 2/8095B.2

Region: Date From: 1890 To: 1890
Hong Kong

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17 February, 1890.

General Edwards, commanding at Hong Kong, writes to Sir Henry Parkes, as follows:-

Head-quarter House, Hong Kong, 24 January, 1890.

A PORTION of the Chinese imperial Squadron is now at anchor under my windows, consisting of two magnificent ironclads of the newest type, and four very fine and heavily-armed cruisers, Admiral Ting in command. I have been urging him strongly to take his fleet and show his flag in foreign ports, especially in Australia; but he cannot go further this year than Singapore. Would not this help your Federation?