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68 Peace Day procession in Darwin 1919

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Very brief description of Darwin's Peace Day celebrations in 1919. Part of these celebrations was a Chinese parade. Chinese individuals are also mentioned as winners in a number of the sports events.

Source: ‘Peace Day Celebrations’, Northern Territory Times, 26/7/1919

Region: Date From: 1919 To: 1919
Northern Territory    

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Peace Day Celebrations


Following are the results of the sporting events:-
Best Lady's Hack, Miss Shadforth
Gent's Hack, Mr Shadforth
Best Turnout, Mrs Woods
Best Motor Car, B.A.T.
Worst Turnout, W. Quick
Wrestling on Horseback (blacks) - 1st heat, Jimma; 2nd heat, Andy; final heat, Jimma.
Wrestling on Horseback (whites) - 1st heat, Johnson; 2nd heat, Davis; 3rd heat, Perrean; 4th heat, Harman; 5th heat, Knowles; 6th heat, Fisher; 7th heats, Tindal; final, Perrean
Tug-o-war, Freezers v Waterside, was won easily by the Freezers.
Race for girls under ten. - 1st heat, Dorothy Eveans 1, Doreen Barnett 2, Benedine Olive 3. Second heat, S. Ahmat 1, N. Mortimer 2, Zepherine George 3. Third heat, A. Wickham 1, Aileen Grainger 2, Winnie Maxwell 3. Fourth Heat, Elizabeth Evans 1, Una Davis 2, una Topp 3. final, S. Ahmat 1, D.Evans 2, A Grainger 3.
Girls under 14 - Loretta de Pledge 1, Beryle Bell 2, Marie Durant 3. Boys under 10 - 1st heat, Albert Brunt 1, Richard Davis 2, Edwin de Pledge 3. Second heat, Edward Cabella 1, Edie Evans 2, George Henging 3. third heat, Jack O'Neill 1, Donald Watts 2, Jim Watts 3. Final, Albert Brunt 1, Edward Cabella 2, Edie Evans 3.
Boys under 14 - First heat, Jimmy Yet Loong 1, Jack Lee 2, Manuel Nicholas 3. Second heat, Larrence [sic] 1, John Ahmatt 2, Charlie Yet Loong 3. Final, Laurence 1, Charlie Yet Loong 2, Jimmy Yet Loong 3.
Tent Pegging - Capt. Barker Bicycle Race, quarter mile - Johnny Ahmat 1, Rumese 2, Edie Edwards 3
Bicycle Race, one and a half miles - Harold Flynn 1.
Boy's Hack - Jack Nelson
Centipede Race, (blacks) Davwin team 1, Melville Island 2


The procession in the evening was an indescribable display of gorgeous Eastern and Grecian colours, beautiful women on horseback, fantastic Chinese dragons, etc., and a pandemonium of noise from quaint-looking drums, tomtoms, gong, amid an unending storm of crackers, the whole being headed by the Darwin Town Band, which acquitted itself with credit.


The following programme, arranged by Mr. W.F. Connolly, was given from an excellent stage, which was well lighted and decorated:-

Opening Chorus. "Gloria" from Mosart's [sic] "12th Mass," by Peace Thanksgiving Choir. Song, "till the Sands of the Desert Grow Cold," Mr A. Mettam (encore, chorus repeated); Irish Jig, Miss Duggan; song, "The gunner," Mr W.J. McDonald; song, "Carmena," Mrs. W.F. Connolly (encoure, "Philosophy"); cornet solo, "the Lost Chord," Mr Chas Clarke (encore, chorus repeated); solo and chorus, "Land of Hope and Glory," Mrs Nutter and Choir. Mrs. Connelly played a number of popular choruses in which the audience were asked to join.

At the conclusion of the concert Mr. Conacher, in a few well chosen words said: I think the least we can do before we separate is to give a hearty vote of thanks to those who organised, who have done all the work, more especially as it has been done in our days. I ask you to give all those who have done this work your hearty appreciations.